Agricultural Spraying & Fertiliser Spreading

Agricultural Spraying is the backbone of our business conducting all types of spraying.


Our helicopters are fitted with saddle and internal tanks, which are powered by electric pumps. The boom length is 80% of the main rotor diameter and the nozzles within the booms can be setup to deploy the product dependent upon your requirements as it relates to necessary application.


Our helicopters and pilots are supported by a full ground crew, which operates a self-contained mixing rig with 8,000 litres of water, and has fuel and pumping capabilities.  The mixing rig setup ensures jobs can be completed quickly and effectively, while maintaining a competitive cost. The helicopters' manoeuvrability is ideal for spraying a variety of paddocks from small cropping and broad acre, through to hill country and forestry work. Our helicopters are fitted with the latest DGPS satellite guidance system ensuring an accurate application on every job.


 Heli Bucket 3

Our helicopters can spread solid fertiliser from a purpose-built bucket suspended below the helicopter. The bucket is suspended on a 20 foot line and can spread solid products with a swath width of 25-40 metres depending on the product. We can apply product rates anywhere from



We understand that farming is all about timing and will ensure that our team will always be there on time.