Agricultural Training and Testing



Heliservices Queensland is licensed to conduct Agricultural training and testing aligned with CASA's requirements.  The requirements to conduct an Aerial Application Endorsement are as follows:

  • Complete and pass the CASA Aerial Application exam
  • 200 hours flight time in helicopters
  • Low Level Endorsement or 5 hours of Dual Instruction on Low Level Operations
  • 15 Hours of Dual Instruction on Agricultural Operations including a flight test


Once the above has been completed, supervision of your Aerial Application endorsement must be completed by an authorised chief pilot or equivalent.  The supervision requirements are:

  • 10 Hours of Direct Supervision and
  • 100 Hours of Direct or Indirect Supervision.

Maintaining your Agricultural Endorsement current requires an annual proficiency check conducted by a authorised person.


Please call Heliservices Queensland if you have any questions regarding Agricultural Training, we would be more than glad to help.